How to print your Name cards online with Joinprint?

If you wondered where to print A Name Card in Singapore? Well, Joinprint will help you complete your desire with A perfect Name Card design with a cheap price.

Why print with Joinprint?

Joinprint is one of the best online printing company in Singapore. This online printing platform offers you the most popular marketing tool that everyone needs such as Name cards/Business cards, Flyers, Brochure and etc. Printing nowadays is not yet dead instead of that it’s more important to build connections in your career and more reasons why printing still matter to you!

Joinprint has expanded from Hong Kong, Australia to Singapore with a strong potential of our best quality printings at a cheap price. You can find a wide variety of products in different categories such as Personal products to other promotional products. Our website comes with user-friendly design and infrastructure, you can easily access any products, create your own Name card design and check out to make an order.


How to order online printing products?

1. Open Joinprint Homepage

Open the website and begins to choose your products.

Online printing in Singapore - Joinprint

2. Choose A product you would like to print

For example, If you want to Print A Name Card...Here’s you can see “Use JoinprintTemplate” or “Upload Your Artwork” as you want. Other questions, please feel free to contact us.

You can design name cards by following the standard dimensions or download the free template on to help you save more time preparing your artworks!   

Online printing in Singapore - Joinprint

3. Choose your Name card Types

Online printing in Singapore - Joinprint

We have different Types of your Name Card for you to choose from:

1. Thick Business Cards (Original)

  • High quality

  • Sophisticated

  • 350 gsm

2. Signature Business Cards

  • Rigid, Stiff and Impressive

  • A finishing option of matte, gloss or silk

  • 400 gsm Premium Paper Stock

3. Ultra-THICK Business Cards

  • Premium card

  • Multi-layered

  • 700 gsm


4.  Choose Special Paper Types

Online printing in Singapore - Joinprint

For the Paper, you can choose from two different types here:

1. Textured Business Cards:

  • Premium Quality

  • Natural and Rustic

  • 350 gsm

2. Luxury Pearl Business Cards:

  • Glamorous shimmer

  • High-class look

  • 300 gsm


5. Choose your Paper Types

Online printing in Singapore - Joinprint

Make your “Name Card” stand out by choosing Unique Features:

1. Spot Gloss Business Cards

  • Eye-catching Spot UV

  • Matte Laminated Signature Business Card

  • 400 gsm ‘

2. Gold Foil Business Cards

  • Luxury and Fashionable

  • Stand out from others  

  • 350 gsm

3. Embossed Business Cards

  • Raise characters and images

  • Sense of layers

  • Textured Card 350 gsm/700 gsm


6. Choose your Name Card Size

Online printing in Singapore - Joinprint

JoinPrint offers two sizes of Name Cards for you:

Standard size Name cards - 85mm x 55mm

Square size Name cards - 65mm x 65mm


After choosing your Name card elements, then make an order. After that, it’s a time to lay down and wait for your delivery! :)

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