What is the difference between Vector and Raster?

When you want to use pictures, you might just download from other websites and paste into your artwork. But when it comes to Artwork for printing(Name card, Wedding card and more), there are many different image and graphics formats that you need to know between Vector and Raster. Let’s keep continue…


What’s Vector and Raster?



Vectors images are drawn by the information represented in a mathematical vector. You will see vectors are drawn as arrows which is perfect because it has both a clear direction and a clear magnitude. Each “pixel” contains individual color information, so multiple pixels will create the form of the images.

The quantities of vectors that have only a magnitude are called scalars. If you a scalar magnitude a direction, you create a vector.



You might think that we can only use Vectors but you can also use the image for Printing as well. First, you need to check the details of the resolution of the images of PPI (Pixels Per Inch). The higher of PPI has, the clustered together to form a clear and better resolution image. For the DPI (Dots Per Inch) which contained the dots colour of the images when you zoom in the picture. Even more DPI the picture has, even more it can be printed out clearly. To get high resolution of the images, we need to use 1024x768 pixels or more, also you can check DPI which needs to have 300DPI or more.


How to check PPI in Illustrator?


If you cannot see the PPI yet, you need to change the BLUE color to “Printing” first. Check the resolution at PPI and if it is below 300 then it might not look good when we print out.


 Vector and Raster


How to change PPI to 300?

We can change PPI to 300 in Adobe Illustrator by clicking “File > Export Selection > Choose Scale to Resolution > Type 300 and Export Asset”

Once, you open the new picture you will see PPI 300 and this picture can be used for printing.


Vector and Raster


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