4 Best stickers design ideas for Marketing

Stickers can be a great tool for Marketing with a cute design on. Most people only stop and looking for something that has nice and beautiful appearances. So, the design is the most important part to advertise or make people memorize it better.

Stickers for Marketing could be done in many ways, depends on how the brand sees fit. In this article, we will share you 4 Best stickers design ideas for your businesses.


Most popular stickers design types:

  1. Round Stickers

  2. Square Stickers

  3. Rectangular Stickers

  4. Die-cut Stickers


Round Stickers Joinprint Blog


  1. Round Stickers

This Round Sticker is perfect for the logo design or the product labels. The text inside the round stickers should not be more than 3 line in length. When customers look at the packaging before opening, they will see the brand and your short message that you wrote easier. A short text below the logos should be something that can convince your target customers to not stop looking at it but you need the message that makes them decide to buy the products instead.

Standard Size:  25mmx25mm, 65mmx65mm, 100mmx100mm, 125mmx125mm

Paper Type:  Glossy Sticker


Square Stickers Joinprint Blog


  1. Square Stickers

Most people always use square stickers for stamps since they have a lot of spaces on the square stickers. You can write down the quotes to stick on your meaning cards for special events. These square stickers can be a perfect size for Marketing, it’s not too long for more spaces but you can add enough information which will fit the spaces perfectly.


Standard Size:  50mmx50mm, 75mmx75mm, 100mmx100mm, 125mmx125mm

Paper Type:  Glossy Sticker


Rectangular Stickers Joinprint Blog


  1. Rectangular Stickers

If you need more spaces to write or add more information, Rectangular Stickers would be a perfect fit for you. We usually use this type of stickers for the tickets such as the ticket stickers that they use to tie around the wrist when you have already paid at the concert. It’s easy to see and it can be used in different kinds. Some people also use this for their jars, so you can the name of the products much better.


Standard Size:  50mmx25mm, 75mmx50mm, 100mmx50mm, 125mmx50mm

Paper Type:  Glossy Sticker


Die-cut Stickers Joinprint Blog


  1. Die-cut Stickers

The Die-cut stickers can be any kinds and any types you would like. The die- cut stickers are unique and make your brand stand out even more. The brand can be such a cool and nice decoration for you such as the Nike brand, Adidas or The name of famous cars. If you have a nice sticker design, your brand will be a lot more stand out.


Standard Size:  50mmx50mm, 75mmx75mm, 100mmx100mm, 125mmx125mm

Paper Type:  Glossy Sticker


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