5 Reasons You Need Name Cards

You might wonder why Name cards still matter in 2018?

Well, as we all know that our memory sucks...How many times you met someone, spend half an hour talking to them but you promptly forget their names when it’s over?

Name cards still matter when you meet people at a business event, they might ask you for a business card to keep you in contact to follow up in job opportunities instead of asking for Facebook. Name cards could lead you to a great business partnership or a new job, also it will make you look professional. 


1. Name cards are the most effective direct marketing tool

Email marketing is a good tool but they still aren’t as effective as in-person meeting with a business card exchange. Many scholars said that the product marketing strategy consists of an effective mix of online marketing and print media to encourage customers. Since in 2018 there are a lot of people spend more times on Social media but at the same time, some are not. There is no doubt that technology has made our lives better in so many ways, but Business Cards remains the best tool to create a great first impression. 

When there are so many business cards template you can use from for free, why not try one?


2. Presenting your brand and your personality

You might have seen a lot of business cards from business people which have a different strong role in introducing you or as your company. Even more, you can present you on a business card or make it looks really professional, even more, you will get higher chance of a career. After clients or your partners receive your card, it directly helps in establishing a professional image which will increase the game for you as a business owner.


3. Name cards make you look professional 

In a business world, we all know that business card is a must-have tool to represent your brand and your personality. It is something little that can send out the biggest messages to people who you want to connect and keep in contact with especially if you are seeking a job out there. Since email can be lost in a sea of spam and contact folders;a name card will remain in a client’s wallet for years. - Kristopher Jones. 

5 Reasons why you need Business cards

4. Name cards build trustworthy for small businesses

If you think that Small business doesn’t need printings, then you might be wrong. Since business cards representing your brand and professional images of your business. Nowadays, networking can work in real-time meeting rooms or in digital format. Whether it’s a video call or only sit down and talk you need something to show yourself and represent your business. And you will have access to a wider audience.

5. Name cards are still necessary

Printings are definitely can help them remember you, in long-lasting memories while the media won’t stay and people might not recognize it. That’s why we use the printings to get the attention that can be a challenge but creativity in marketing helps you expose your brand to your targeted audience. It will increase your brand awareness of referrals to those in need of your products and services. 

So, Business card/Name card is more than just a piece of paper that represents you, it is the business owner’s identity, what your client would project you as. What are you waiting for?  Let’s build brand awareness to your customers with JoinPrint now!

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