5 Name card Ideas For The Coffee Shop

Are you a coffee shop owner? You might need this!


The coffee shop is the most popular place to have a meeting and have a business talk. Most people go there not just to have a nice coffee, but also they go there to walk and make the connections. And this is your chance! To expand your business to more new customers, you need a business card for this. The coffee shop can have more than one business, it means that you can also sell your coffee beans online or delivery your own bakery around your country and not only one city.


When people love your taste, they will just tell other friends to come to have some coffee here. But when business people or other Entrepreneurs visit your Coffee shop, they might need something more professional to contact in a long-term.  


More than sharing you how to design a business card and share more tips and tricks about Printing design today, we will share you 5 Ideas Name card for Coffee shop owners!


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Coffee Shop business card

1.Minimal Coffee Shop

Keep everything clean and normal like this Minimal Business Card. The first thing is to choose from your Coffee shop style to make your customers remember your brand’s colors and the logo that will go along together with the design. If you have a vintage or retro coffee shop, it should be different design as well as the font.

Coffee Shop Business Card

2. Retro Coffee Shop

Just like we mentioned above, for the retro coffee shop you need more printed and the color that can describe your coffee shop style. The details on business cards should not have a lot and you should use the icons instead of writing everything down. In this way, you can keep people reading on a business card and it’s best to have white space around.

Coffee Shop Business Card

3. Sweet Vintage Coffee Shop

For this sweet business card, it would look good for your cute and girly coffee shop. The coffee shops have their own styles and don’t look all similar for example, The sweet vintage coffee shop where it decorated with girly accessories. So, this type of Business card design could be a perfect fit idea for you!

Coffee Shop Business Card

4. Classic Coffee Shop

If you have a classic coffee shop style, you should have a classic business card which will focus on the details and simple design. As you can see the logo of this business card, we use to design the back as the background which will make people remeber easier and the details is very simple and readable.

Coffee Shop Business Card

4. On-the-Go Coffee Shop

You might have seen on-the-go coffee shops where you might can’t sit and relax but some of these coffee shops have a very nice coffee. So, you shouldn’t miss out this marketing tool to help you more stand out. This is very simple and easy business that everyone can design by yourself. Also, you can change the colors to match your logo because the colors are very important for the brand, as well as the logo.


Name cards can be really powerful for every business around the world since it’s a standard marketing tool that will never die. If you want to learn more about Print marketing and Marketing design, Never miss out tips and tricks with Joinprint!