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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When will the manufacturing of my order commence?
A: As soon as payment is received.
Q: How do I know if the products have been completed or mailed?
A: As soon as the product is complete and sent out, we will email a notice of shipment.
Q: How do I order products?
A: You can choose to: 1) order online using our templates, 2) order online via our upload system, or 3) our contact our customer services at who will help you with any enquiries you may have.
Q: Other than calling, is there any way to know the product's progress?
A: When you order, you can also register as our member. You will be able to view the product's development when you login to the website and enter your registered account name and password.
Q: If the order is lost in the mailing process will JoinPrint arrange for a replacement?
A: If it was mailed out more than two weeks before contacting us, JoinPrint will not replace your order.
Q: Can I cancel credit card payment before the order goes out?
A: No, because the bank will have deducted the amount before hand.
Q: Can I cancel an order after purchase?
A: Orders cannot be cancelled once they are confirmed.
Q: If I want a product finished with some special paper or non-traditional measurements, can this be arranged?
A: Yes, please contact our customer service for more details.
1) Email :
* Note:
The order number must be written in the reference box when paying by cheque or bank transfer.